Born in 1970, Pierre Thilloy starts his music studies at the Conservatorie and University of Nancy, along with orchestration in J.P. Riviére's class and harmony in N. Lancien's class in 1989. In 1995 he enters Mullenbach's composition class at the Luxembourg Conservatory where he obtains the 1st Prize in 1998. At the same time he is admitted and qualified at the Mozarteum International Academy in A. Mullenbach's class of composition, technics of composition and writing and in Mario di Bonnaventura's class of music aesthtetic of the 20th century.

Finalist and semi-finalist at various International competitions such as Queen Elisabeth in Brussels, Leonard Bernstein in Jerusalem and Ladislav Kubik in the U.S.A., he is also appointed as the national laureate for the Music General Competition in 1989, the F.F.E.M. in 1997 and he obtains the 2nd International Olivier Messiaen Prize of the Guardini Foundation of Berlin.

On account of the 10th anniversary of the Metz concert hall L'Arsenal in february 1999, the city of Metz and L'Arsenal honour him with the order of a monumental musical work of more than 50 minutes, L'Homme Apocalyptique.

Besides his various writing workes in hand, like his 5th symphony L'Arche d'Alliance, the symphonic poem Macbeth Ouverture and the Christmas Suite for large orchestra ( ordered by the Lorraine Philharmonic Orchestra ), together with two operas in collaboration with writers as different as Michel Host ( Goncourt Prize ) or Latifa ben Mansour, he is busy working at the achievement of his Requiem in 13 movements, Revolutions.

His work concerning the young public takes shape as an opera for children, L'Ami Romée, first performed in Aix en Provence in May 2000 along with a poem for six musicians and dreamy children, La Cité Onirique, first performed at L'Arsenal in June 2000. His action towards the young public of the Lorraine Philharmonic Orchestra will be renewed for the season 2000/2001.

At the age of only 30, his catalogue includes more than 80 musical works among which a great number of pieces for orchestra. His works are published by Alphonse Leduc Editions, Symphony Land Editions, Regia Editions and Warwick Ltd. Editions and are performed as well in France as all over the world : England, the Netherland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Central Asia. His workes are the results of orders from festivals such as Chain (Enshede), Young Composer (Luxembourg), Mozarteum (Salzburg), the Musicians'night (Paris), the Oratorio del Gonfalone (Rome), TIP2000 (Utrecht), Senzoku Gaquen (Tokyo), Tubamania (Sydney), Spring Festival (Londres), International Festival of Symphonic Music (Tashkent), the Lorraine Philharmonic Orchestra (Metz), Abbey Festival (La Prée & Noirlac), Tindal Fundation (Amsterdam), Musique en Sol (Black Périgord), The BBC Singer's Choir, etc.

Among the numerous interpeters or musical formations which have either played his works or appealed to him for a composition to be performed, must be nawed Dominique de Williencourt, Keizo Mizoiri, Pascal Contet, Muza Rubackyté, Bruno Rigutto, Edson & Helena Elias, Rosella Clini, Thomas Paule, Jacques Mauger, Guy Touvron, Mauro Maur, Wissam Boustany, the conductors Pascal Verrot, Arie van Beck, Alexandru Lascae, Victor Puhl, Jean-Sébastien Béreau, the Arsenal Concert Hall, the Lorraine Philharmonic Orchestra, l'Orchestre du Gonfalone, The Hague Chamber Orchestra, Auvergne Orchestra, Uzbek Radio and Télévision Orchestra, the Danel String Quartet, the Gaudi String Quartet, the Clavier String Quartet, etc.

A resident composer at Le Touquet for the season 2000, he will start on a new " plurimusical " residence at Colmar city and since may 1999, invited by the cultural Association " Pour Que l'Esprit Vive ", he has been a resident composer at La Prée Abbey where he has been carrying on his composition works, aiming notably at the string quartet and symphonic works.